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YETI won the Bavaria Region Prize at ESNC

YETI snow solution, the entertainment and tracking system designed and prototyped by Michał Wojtysiak and Maciej Piotrowski with the support of MIC Torino, has been proclamed the winner of the Bavaria Region Price on 19 October at the European Satellite Navigation Competition in the Allerheiligen Hofkirche of the Munich Residenz.

The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) values especially innovative ideas involving satellite navigation. It gives the opportunity to present and promote innovative ideas, and eventually, to put them into practice. The ESNC is a challenge for companies, scientists and students. Apart from the overall prize, the competition awards several Regional Special Prizes financed by local sponsors, in order to help the winners to begin exploit their ideas. The Bavaria Region Prize, a prize incubation package (valued at EUR 35,000) at the Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO), is sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

YETI – Your Entertainment & Tracking Interface

Imagine  you  go  skiing  in  the  mountains. Suddenly,  you  feel  queasy  or  pass  out  and get  injured.  You  need  help,  but  help  is  not  at hand  …  What  if  your  smartphone could  call for help – all by itself?

YETI  snow  solution  is  a  system  which  can alert  rescue  teams  or  other  skiers  in  multiple  ways.  Thanks  to  widespread  access  to GNSS  services and  many  communication channels,  there  will  be  someone  to  provide instant assistance for you. Even if you are out of GSM range!

Furthermore,  to  enhance  YETI  snow  attractiveness  (especially for younger generation), it  offers  variety  of    entertainment  services, such  as  workout  tracking,  single  and  multiplayer  gaming.  High  interaction  levels  between users strengthen the sense of community.  In  a  unique  way,  YETI  combines  virtual gaming  and  search&rescue  services.  All  the user  needs,  is  a  smartphone  with  the  YETI application installed.

YETI snow solution is the idea of two polish students, Michał Wojtysiak and Maciej Piotrowski, who spent an Erasmus period at Politecnico di Torino. During their internship here at Microsoft Innovation Center Torino they developed the first YETI prototype.

The system is composed of a Windows Phone 7 application, the core of the project, and a Windows Azure backend, which provides storage capabilities and additional in-browser functionalities. This project is one of the examples of convergences between embedded/phone system and the cloud platform proposed here at MIC Torino.

YETI has been submitted to the European Satellite Navigation Competition and is currently under evaluation.