Fill in the questionnaire and spread it!

Within the European Project I-REACT, MIC Torino and ISMB, in collaboration with the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology of the University of Turin and UNESCO, have designed an anonymous survey address at all citizens and aimed at:

• evaluating citizens’ risk awareness
• assessing citizens’ willingness to actively contribute in proving status information during an emergency, eventually using a mobile application

Knowing citizens’ awareness level on environmental risk is very important for decision makers in order to plan prevention activities, including communication campaign aimed at fostering self-protection behaviours.
Moreover, it is critical to design the information layers that technology has to provide. Finally, knowing citizens’ attitude in actively contributing in generating data during emergencies can be useful in order to understand how well the crowdsourcing approach that the project is promoting would work.

For all these reasons, we invite you to take part to the research, filling in the questionnaire and spread it.

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