About Us

The Microsoft Innovation Center Torino started the operations in June 2007 and in its process of growth, in July 2010, it became part of Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB – www.ismb.it), extending its technology focuses that are today embedded systems and wearable devices, mobile applications and cloud computing-big data solutions.

The overall MIC-ISMB objective is to foster innovation and growth in national and international software economies and create a sound ecosystem around the Microsoft technologies partnering with industrial players.

The MIC Torino team is also involved in innovation activities, participating through ISMB to European and National innovation projects (e.g. ASSIST). MIC also acts as coordinator of large initiatives such as FLOODIS (FP7-SPACE-2013-1 n.607220) and I-REACT (H2020-DRS-1-2015 n.700256). The R&D projects are focused on the domain of mobile solutions and the emerging paradigms of Big Data with the aim to support the innovation of services, products and processes realizing end-to-end solutions, based on Microsoft Azure technology and connected with Smart Device applications following the IoT paradigm.

The MIC Torino also provides a strong contribution in Italy to the Microsoft BizSpark program dedicated to startups. In particular, it manages the strategic and operative activities of the BizSpark Program for Italy: onboarding interviews, profiling and approval of all Italian startups (about 500 startups per year), consulting and technical trainings focused on Microsoft Azure, relationship with the startups and the Network Partners. Also thanks to the BizSpark Program, the MIC Torino has built a strong partnership especially with I3P, the Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, consisting in events and technical trainings (i.e. camps, hands-on labs and hackathons) dedicated to startups, in order to consolidate the local startups ecosystem.

The MIC plays also a key role in the Microsoft IoT Competence Center, created by Microsoft in the perspective to conduct innovation activities focused on the Internet of Things domain in close cooperation with the Italian partners.

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