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Authentication Problem on HealthVault: Blank Page

Yesterday I installed our desktop HealthVault (HV) application on a Tablet PC running Windows 7 (Acer Iconia W501).

When you start the application for the first time you have to provision it (authenticate). For this operation you are redirected to the HealthVault website by means of your default browser, where you have to enter your HV account in order to allow the application to access HV data (as shown in the images below).

Sometimes, after entering your username and your password you will be redirect to a blank page. If you refresh it (F5) and the page still remains blank, and if this behavior happens also if you are trying to access HV website directly from your browser, then probably there is a problem.

What is the problem?

Talking with Trey Troegel (from HV support) he told me to share the desktop to find the solution. So I installed Microsoft Lync on the tablet and when I tried to log on the Microsoft network I receive this error, that it was also the SOLUTION:

Yes. My computer clock wasn’t set correctly: 11th of November, instead of 10th of November 🙂
Maybe I made this mistake during the first boot installation of the tablet…. it happens!

I thought that this may affect the authentication process, so I changed the clock and I tried to log again to the HV website…. and finally the authentication worked.

In conclusion if you face this problem try to adjust your system clock… maybe this will solve your problem.

Thanks to Trey for his idea of installing Lync because he gave me the message error that was useful to solve this problem. Maybe it will be useful to receive this error message also from the website, instead of a blank page.