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VisualSVN on Windows Azure Virtual Machine

With the upcoming of the new Virtual Machines service on Microsoft Windows Azure, many server applications are going under testing and porting to cloud located machines. Today i tried to install a VisualSVN Server on Windows Server machines (both 2008 R2 and 2012) located in Windows Azure. The porting is quite simple and smooth and can be completed in less than half an hour. Since Azure VMs are persistent, all the installation and configuration can be performed directly on the remote machine simply using Remote Desktop Connection, without the need for any additional virtualization software. The only point that requires some attention is the correct setting of the Server URL inside VisualSVN Server, otherwise your SVN client will come to an abrupt halt immediately after setting up the connection due to a response containing misleading server information. The VisualSVN Server in fact sets by default its Server Name in the form https://[yourAzureVMName]:8443/svn/, missing part of the complete DNS name of the Azure VM. The correct URL that needs to be set is https://[yourAzureVMName]

All the details can be found in this short QuickStartGuide. Hope it helps!